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If you missed Rally Day on September 8th, there is still time to sign up for East Granby Congregational Children's Christian Education programs for all ages.

Simply fill out the form below and hit send.


Leticia Soltero, EGCC's Christian Education Director, will contact you and share our wonderful program that will help your child create a lasting relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

















Below are some highlights from Rally Day, EGCC's special Sunday dedicated to

the first day of our Children's Christian Education. 



Contact Us


This fall, EGCC Music Director Mary Larew will lead a youth choir in the music room on Wednesdays, 6:45 pm- 7:15 pm.  All singers grades K-6 are invited to join!   

Email Mary Larew with any questions at: marylarew@gmail.com.  Any youth 7th grade or older are encouraged to speak with Mary about ways to get involved in making music this year


Hello Everyone                      


Sing Unto the Lord a __(fill in the blank___ and join in the scavenger hunt fun!

It's not too late to pick up a Bible Scavenger Hunt sheet from the bulletin board by the CEC, and follow the clues through the Bible to answer
the 6 questions about music. All kids are invited to participate, with grownup help as needed, and submit the completed sheet to Ms. Mary for a

The deadline for completion is November 17. Maybe this is a fun activity for your family on a day off from school this month?


                                   The kids can learn Scripture, spend time with Ms. Mary, and win a prize!