On behalf of the Worship and Caring Ministry,  we invite you to view the many possibilities to serve during Worship.  Each Sunday  greeters, ushers, and members to provide the Call to Worship, serve important roles during the Service. 

We are also hoping that some of our youth will serve or, perhaps, families might like to serve together. Because June, July, and August are vacation months, it is difficult to get volunteers. We're asking that you prayerfully consider this opportunity.  Your smiling faces will certainly enhance our worship time! 


Guidelines for

Regular Service

Please fill out form to be an Usher and hit send. (See Dates already taken).

Three Ushers are needed each Sunday.


Guidelines for

Communion Service

These Dates Are Already Taken for January 2020

These Dates Are Already Taken for January 2020

January 5th:   Usher Bev Cecchini
                         Usher Betsy Mack
                         Supplementary Communion Usher Sandy Houghton
                         Chapel Usher Thelma Wilmot

January 12th:  Lead Usher
                         Usher Linda Harrold
                         Usher Betsy Mack
                         Chapel Usher Karen Short 

January 19th:  Lead Usher Sandy Houghton
                          Usher Frank Houghton
                          Usher Grace Kingsbury
                         Chapel Usher Linda Harrold__

January 26th:  Lead Usher Pat Lang
                         Usher Thelma Wilmot
                         Usher Betsy Mack
                         Chapel Usher Linda Wolfe

These Dates Are Already Taken for February 2020

February 2nd 

February 9th 

February 16th 

February 23rd