Are you missing Bible Study during COVID?  Pastor Pam is offering us two Saturday morning sessions from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM, January 23rd and 30th.  Gather a cup of your favorite brew, a journal, and a Bible and start your day with a lively presentation with friends on ZOOM. NO previous Bible Study experience is needed. Come and listen, come and participate as you feel comfortable. Questions are welcomed and encouraged. All are welcome! We would love to see you!

ORIGINS OF THE BIBLE or Bible 101:  On January 23, 2021, we will explore the origin of the Holy Bible.  Did you know that there are other books about Jesus and his life and ministry written around the time of the books in the Bible?  What are some of them? Why are they not included?  Who decided what to include?  Is there a difference between the Protestant and Catholic Bibles? What does it mean if my Bible says,"NRSV", "ESV", or "NIV"?

What is a Study Bible? What resources are available to study the Bible? Why are there four Gospels? These are just some of the questions we will address in our time together. 


LECTIO DIVINA: On January 30, 2021, unlike last week's historical factual analysis of the Bible, this practice is a meditative, prayerful approach to the meaning of a scriptural passage. Pastor  Pam will lead us through the steps as we experience and contemplate a piece of scripture so we can do it ourselves individually or in a group. One of the steps is: After reading a scripture, a person selects a word or phrase that really pops out at them or resonates with them.  The person relates this to a life experience and proceeds through the study to carrying away with them a small prayer that walks with them as they go about their daily life. During the study members of the group may choose to relate their reflections or silently absorb the tradition.

Please contact    Pastor Pam at if you have any questions. or if you would like to join us, please sign up and receive a zoom invite the Friday night before the session.