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East Granby Congregational Church

Vision, Identity and Mission Statement

East Granby Congregational Church, UCC, is called to nurture the joy and fullness of Creation with Encouragement, Inclusion and Compassion.  Following the teachings of Jesus, we will demonstrate God's love and actively invite all to join us on this journey.


We are led by our core values of

Faith, Acceptance, Community and Love.


We fulfill our calling through

Prayer, Worship, Engagement and Service.

Part-Time Interim Pastor

The Reverend Pam Vollinger




Welcome The Rev. Pamela Rose Vollinger, EGCC Interim Pastor


The East Granby Congregational Church (EGCC) Council is excited to share with each of you that we have hired and ask you to welcome The Rev. Pamela Rose Vollinger as our Part-Time Interim Pastor.  Her covenant with EGCC in that role starts on Sunday November 1, 2020 and lasts through at least January 31, 2021.  EGCC and Pastor Pam have the opportunity to agree on a contract extension if her family situation permits and the pastoral needs of our church can be met. 



The Rev. Pamela Rose Vollinger is a Connecticut native and graduate of Russell Sage College in Troy NY with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy.  She also has a Master of Divinity from Yale Divinity School in New Haven CT.    She is an ordained member of the United Church of Christ and has served churches in various positions as full-time and part-time pastor roles for churches in Fisher’s Island, NY, Berlin CT, Kensington CT, Groton CT, Manchester CT, New Britain CT, Enfield CT.  Our search team voted unanimously to recommend her for the part-time (50%) Interim Pastor role we were charged to fill.


Pastor Pam lives in East Hartford with her husband Gary.  They share a love for the outdoors through walking, hiking, kayaking, biking.  In fact, the day we met to sign the papers they were headed up to the rail trail starting in East Granby and expecting to get up into MA.  She also enjoys travel, reading, prayer, spirituality – especially Celtic, healing, ecumenism, interfaith activities, pilgrimages and being with family and friends.


The part-time (50%) Interim Pastor role will focus on Worship, Pastoral Care and Leadership and providing her input on our Church’s mission and the other challenges (e.g. search for an Settled Pastor, COVID-19 and its impact on worship and interpersonal relationships to name a few) we face.  Recognizing the learning curve before her, Pastor Pam plans to spend time with the staff and Ministry organization to listen and discern areas where focus is required by her, the staff and the Ministries.


Pam’s contact information will be provided when her covenant begins on 11/1/2020.


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