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                                                                                September 29, 2019@EGCC


                                                              The Heads Up Hartford team was at it again!


The HUH team put together a wonderful worship service highlighting some of the activities that occurred over the year. The video presentation was a fun visual addition. Maya Brody and Jasmyn Dunlevy spoke to the kids during the Children’s Moment to explain about the outreach aspect of the program and how God worked through them as well during the endeavor. Pastor Denise and Leticia were presented with their own HUH T-shirts and were excited to receive the gift! The Praise team performed and had the congregation swaying to the contemporary tunes!

We are grateful for all that you do with HUH, thank you:

Maya Brody

Jasmyn Dunlevy

Kevin Bach

Shelby Demke

Adah Dionne

Krista Dionne

Nolan Dionne

Bill McGarry

Jill McGarry

Jim Pestana

Gayle Wilcox

HUH Mission Statement

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

At Heads Up Hartford, teens from a variety of geographic, economic, and racial backgrounds collaborate to serve the community during the day and engage with each other during a variety of educational and leisure activities at night. We believe that promoting diversity and inclusion helps us all to grow, learn, and become better contributors to our society.


For questions or comments contact Gayle Wilcox @ 860-729-0992.