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Godly Play draws on the traditions of ancient storytelling. The primary goal is for teachers to model how to use the language of the Christian tradition through presentations of parables, sacred stories, liturgy and silence. The Godly Play classroom provides a space to worship God, not just speak about God. 


"Godly Play is a way to expose children to God using all of their senses. It allows children to experience God while learning about God.  They will play and wonder about the stories they hear and their play and wondering will change as they develop and grow.  The story is told in a worship context instead of a traditional school setting to make time and space more a time of mystery and wondering (Godly Play model) verses explanation and interpretation (Transfer model).  The stories are told using small wooden figures which the children work, play and wonder with after the story has been told."   (Sonja M. Stewart and Jerome W. Berryman)

“It takes a village to raise a child.”Calling all church family members to partner with the Children’s Ministry!  We have opportunities for Storytellers, Doorkeepers, and Shepherds on Sunday mornings. Please prayerfully consider signing up to help teach our precious children about God, and His everlasting love for us.   For more info: Leticia Soltero @860-519-8595.

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