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EGCCNS Preschool’s 8th Annual COFFEE CUP RAFFLE: 


Saturday, April 29th from 9am – 1:30pm.


Accepting raffle items through April 23rd. 

{Please see the March & April’s BEACON for ideas.} 

Donations can be dropped off in the Church Office

or call Debbie Paskiewicz at 860-214-7986. 

Please label any donations: For Coffee Cup Raffle and include your name.


Please be sure to visit our Raffle across from the Church Office

on your way to the Rummage Sale on the 29th!   

You DO NOT need to be present to win.

THANKS for your continued support!

The Gatherers




To all Collectors:  This is to announce that The Gatherers will have its Annual Rummage Sale on Saturday, April 29, from 9am-2pm.  Set-up will be Friday, April 28, from noon until whenever, and we will need LOTS of help organizing and marking items.  But first we will need lots of stuff to sell.  Since just moving, I am hoping I will be able to find something to donate!!!  We will accept all items except clothing, large furniture, and electronics such as computers and TVs.  Items can be left at the church after April 15.  The donated items will go into Room 6 in the CEC Building. 

If you want to put prices on your donated items, that will make set-up for us a lot easier.  I will put up a sign-up sheet on the notice board across from the office for helpers. 


Thanks, and good sorting.  Judy Goff

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