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Paul & Linda Ridgeway            October 25th Service

Message:  In Loving Memory Of Beatrice L. Adams



Becky Rafferty                           November 1st, Service

In Loving Memory of her husband John


While we are all worshiping together yet separately, Worship and Caring would like to encourage our church members to minister to our church family through flower donations in a new way! 


When we worshiped in the church building, each week various members of the congregation would donate flowers to adorn the communion table and beautify our sanctuary in memory of a loved one or in celebration of a special occasion.  After service, those flowers would then be donated to someone else either of the donor’s or the Pastor’s choosing.  


Until we can yet again worship in the sanctuary, why not continue our flower ministry in a slightly updated way.  
April 26th Karen and Tom Short ordered flowers from their florist of choice.  They had a small arrangement made which would help brighten someone’s day, and this week, their preference was for the donation to be in memory of Karen’s father, Carleton Lloyd.  


This flower donation was then delivered to Howard Pohlman by Karen and Tom.  The flowers are pictured here.  This arrangement was done by Kathy Mock of KM Designs.

If you wish to become part of this ministry to your fellow church members, please sign up.  Below, please provide your name, the date of worship you wish, your email, and the message regarding your donation for the service, and the name of your intended flower recipient.  You will then also deliver the flowers unless the florist you select will make the delivery for you.  


If you do not have a recipient for the arrangement in mind, the Worship and Caring Ministry will provide the name and address of a person to receive the donation.  If you wish to order through Kathy Mock at KM Design, her number is 860-653-3196 and she will include a card for the arrangement.  

As always, you are welcome to make the arrangement from flowers out of your own gardens or purchase them from the florist of your choosing.  If you have any questions, please contact Karen Short at 860-490-8124.   

Providing Flowers