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Our Updated Flower Ministry

When we worshipped in the church building, each week various members of the congregation would donate flowers to adorn the communion table and beautify our sanctuary in memory of a loved one or in celebration of a special occasion.  After service, those flowers would then be donated to someone else either of the donor’s or the Pastor’s choosing.

While we have all worshipping together yet separately during most of 2020.  Worship and Caring has continued to encourage our church members to minister to our church family through flower donations in a new way – through the flower donation volunteer page on our church website!

Lauren has updated the website to allow for donors to sign up each week for our updated flower ministry and whether we continue to worship virtually or regather in person, we can continue to sign up for the flower ministry using this method.  This allows Lauren and Janet to have the required information for publication in the bulletin for the service and in the streaming files.

If you wish to become part of this ministry to your fellow church members, please visit the church website and sign up.  You will provide the date of worship you wish, your name, the message regarding your donation for the service and the name of your intended flower recipient.  You will then also deliver the flowers unless the florist you select will make delivery for you.  If you do not have a recipient for the arrangement in mind, Worship and Caring Ministry will provide the name and address of a person to receive the donation. 

If you wish to order through Kathy Mock at KM Design, her number is 860-653-3196 and she will include a card for the arrangement.  As always, you are welcome to make the arrangement from flowers out of your own gardens or purchase them from the florist of your choosing.

If you have any questions, please contact Karen Short at 860-490-8124.   Please consider participating in this wonderful ministry of our church by selecting a week (or more) on the Flower Donation Volunteer link on our website at

Basket of Flowers

Donation by:               


Memorials Ministry,                                 April 4, 2021

Message:  In loving memory of past members who are interred in the Memorial Garden.


Paul & Linda Ridgeway,                          June 13, 2021

Message: In Loving memory of Thomas & Esther Yoczik and Ralph and Gladys Ridgeway

Providing Flowers

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